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1757 William Darling and Sofia Sadowski parents of Robert Darling pioneer.

1757 Robert Darling born in Ireland of Scotch parentage, grand father of Jacob, born 1890, Robert Darling born in Virginia Patterson’s Creek or South Branch of Potomac April 23, 1757.

William Darling, setting forth, that he first out loft year, with a detachment of the militia, to the protection of the frontiers, and that in a skirmish with a party of Indians he received a shot which broke his arm in two places, which has rendered him incapable Nellie, Ohioof getting a living to support of himself, his wife, and three small children, was presented to the half pounds, as a recompense for the damage he hath received. During the first twenty years of settlement on the Virginia frontier, the Indians were peaceful then 1754.

Julia Davis described French and Indian Wars 1754

The Indians appeared out of the silence, in daylight, struck, and disappeared, stuck again, and vanished. Not twice in the same place, sometimes not twice in same year, but often enough to keep the terror living, to keep the people “forted up” to living a lasting name to a beautiful and treacherous season—Indian Summer.

The victims were often old men, farmers, women, and children. The wars were not continuous nor were there battle with lines of men opposing one another.


Flat Rock School 1872

1886, Other schools in Tiverton, McKee School, Hunter School, 1906 Wolf Creek, Horse Shoe Bend (Bald Hill) School

1895, Harmony School 1865-1895, Monroe Twp.


1928, Darling Run School 1856, then newly built in 1868 the school had a cupola with a bell and also had an organ closed in 1928.

About 20 pupils when the school sent its students to Nellie. One scholar William H. Stone became a governor of Iowa.

Above source: The One-room Schools of Coshocton County Miriam C. Hunter 1974


Wheeler store Mohawk E. K. & L. P. Wheeler pure drugs, perfume and toilet articles? New Guilford


  • 1837, Jefferson Presbyterian Church
  • 1840, Mohawk Village Church
  • 1843, Warsaw Methodist
  • 1857, Catholic Church
  • 1861, Prairie Chapel


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